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Turn Signal Wiring Problem Question

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I have a front turn signal that quick flashes even when I put in a new bulb. I suspect that the wiring may be the problem. The bulb socket looks good, and it only is a problem on the passenger side.

Anyone ever this problem? Any suggestions for the best places to start checking?



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This is a very common problem on the mid-90's ES models. The problem usually DOES NOT involve a bad bulb. It involves corrosion in and on the bulbholder.

There are several things you should do. First, remove the bulbholder from the headlight assembly. (I am assuming that you know how to get to this since you have already replaced the bulb.) Then remove the bulb from the holder. Second, clean the contact points inside the holder where the bulb completes the circuit with the holder. Third, bend the contacts at the bottom of the holder slightly upward so they fit tighter with the bulb. Fourth, clean the contact points around the outside part of the bulbholder where the holder completes the circuit with the headlight assembly. I believe there are three of these contacts. Use a nail file or sandpaper to clean them.

My theory is that this problem occurs so often because of the way the power is routed to the bulbholder. Note that there is no wiring involved. The bulbholder receives its power from the headlight assembly through a printed circuit. Corrosion between the printed circuit and the bulbholder creates resistance in the circuit which causes the rapid flashing.

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I have the same problem with my turn signal. I have replace buld so many times that this is not even funny.

First I suspected the connection, then the bulb, after this the whole light. Now, I will check the bilb holder.

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My wife's 97 did the same quick flashing routine on the front left turn signal every 6 months. A trip to our local Toyota dealership (no Lexus dealership near us) said that the Camry's had the same problem, and the solution was to pull the bulb ..... and stretch the two contacts inside the bulb receptacle. The contacts are really strips of metal that have been bent into an "S" shape (when viewed from the side). After a time they tend to compress too much, lose their intended length, making less contact with the bulb, adding resistance that increases the flash rate on that side of the car. I used a dental pick to hook onto each contact and stretch it back up towards where the bulb base would contact it when installed. Each repair would last about 6 months in our case. It got to where I could remove the radiator top finish plastic panel, remove the screw that held the turn signal body, pop out the entire signal assembly, remove the bulb, fix the contacts and reinstall the whole thing in under 5 minutes. Good Luck!

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