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Help! My Baby Is Nearly Dead!


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Ok so this is it! I just got in my 98 ls400 and the check engine light and the vsc off light came on. My car would not move off of idle when in gear.... so it will move just slooooooooowly.... Had my codes read at advance auto and this is what came back ... Code p1120 manufacturer control fuel air metering....

Is my fuel pump bad? I have been having intermittent problems with the car in the mornings especially sometimes losing some power then getting it back just as quickly. Some background.. I did just change the plugs and the air filter recently as well as the starter. I really need some advice, I haven't had this car too long and I am starting to get discouraged :cries: PLEASE!!! :cries: What's the frequency kenneths?

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it may be the Maf Sensor or Throttle Body is very dirty.

Very easy to fix

Here is directions on cleaning a MAF sensor for the RX300.. very similar


Use Electrical contact cleaner.. Maplins supply this. Do not use anything else.

Throttle body can be cleaned by removing the air intake pipe from the throttle body and squirting carb cleaner onto the butterfly valve. Keep squirting until all the black gunk is removed. Clean with tissue.

If you are not mechanically minded then I suggest getting someone who can do it for you... But it is pretty simple to do.

Once that is done reset the ECU (remove Negative terminal for 30 mins)

I would do that before anything else. P1121 Erorr codes are caused by the same problem... and your code is very similar

good luck.

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Ok guys I'll check all of that. Btw a vacuum leak sounds reasonable because the small hose that is hooked onto the box that you have to move to get to the plugs had a crack in it. I'm not exactly sure what it is on this car ( i guess I'm more car stupid than I thought). The crack was right at the fitting and covered up by the strap. I didn't know the name of it but it seems that maybe when the guys did the starter they didn't take as much care as me to put it back so it wouldn't leak until I could get it replaced. Thanks for the advice. :D Any more ideas? Would a vacuum leak cause my car to act up THIS badly.... I mean it's not even driveable really.... Thanks for the tips..... time to get to work!!!! :chairshot: on the hose and maf! :censored:

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