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Radio :too Complicated!


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The process of setting stations and tuning them back on is so confusing, I needed my 11 year old grandson to help me ....I still can't listen, unless I pull over and manually dial in a station....I am not an idiot (yet) ,but it seems you need to be a PhD in computer programing r to work this thing. However ,the 430 is a pleasure to drive.

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Did you read my reply to your other inquiry about the radio presets?

I'm fairly certain that your problems on FM1 were due to the fact that someone had programmed that set of presets using the RDS system. Here's how it works:

If you're in one of the sets of FM presets (FM, FM1, or FM2) and you push the RDS button, the radio will seek out FM stations that carry Radio Data System (RDS) signals. These RDS signals identify the station's genre (talk, rock, etc.) and allow the station's call signs and the current song title to be displayed on your radio. Once these stations have been locked in, pushing the lower part of the rocker switch marked "Type" will toggle between the different genres and you can select the pretuned stations by using the numeric (1-6) buttons. To clear the RDS stations, push the RDS button and hold it down until you hear a beep. At that point, the RDS stations will be cleared and you can use the buttons to manually preset the stations you wish.

Other than this, the programming is pretty straightforward--tune to the station you want, either manually or by pushing the "seek" button until you get to it, then hold down the numeric button you want to program with that frequency until you hear a beep.

Or ask an eleven-year-old to do it for you. :wacko:

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