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Just Want To Say Hi To All !


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go to www.vielside.com

and look under aero-fashions and go to lexus, you should see SC-400/300 on there somewhere, there are two options of different body kits though

i recommend the C-I model though

front bumper = 760$

side skirts = 600$

rear bumper =600$


its a bit pricier then other kits, but veilside is known for its quality and they did all of the work on the cars in Tokyo Drift and designed the RX-7 Fortune and do body kits for even bently's and ferraris


that website there is a liscenced dealer for veilside body kits, so if you want to buy, i also recommend buying from them

you'll still have to pay for shipping and painting and install or what not or either do the latter two yourself

i've looked at every body kit available for this car, and that or the EVO II are my favorites, hope that helps you some


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