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Driver's Door Clicking At Open Points


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Hi guys,

I searched the forums and found a lot about the actual door handle breaking, but nothing about the door hinge creaking. I tried to WD-40 it today and it still makes sort of a grinding "click" noise at each open point. By "open point," I mean half-way and all the way open (where the hinge sort of defaults to when you open the door). This is getting really annoying, albeit being a minor issue. It sounds like the door is about to fall off.

Is there any remedy that won't cost me a lot of money?


BTW, I believe the culprit to be the black hinge (97 ES), not the hinges that attach the door to the frame.

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unfortunately WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is actually a solvent. It is understandable that the noise did not go away.

Try, beleive it or not, Amor-All. works much better than WD-40 on squeky hinges and pivot points and doesn't evaporate as fast.

Personally, I would try either Tri-Flo (a lubricant with Teflon in it) or good ole white lithium grease (comes in a tub and looks like clam dip) White lithium grease comes in a squirt can too.


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Thanks, both of you, for your suggestions!

I will try to use some Armor-All, Tri-Flo, and/or lithium grease. If none of those work, however, how difficult is it to replace the door check? I'm assuming I'd need to take the door apart?


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