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96 Ls 400 Seat On A 91?


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Guys, I loaned my 91 LS400 to a buddy for the summer cuz I was out the country. I came back, and I don't know how, but he managed to bread the backrest on the drivers seat so that is twisted in the middle. Now, I can't get the back rest to come back up, cuz I guess he was driving while practically laying down in the car. I was gonna buy some seats off of ebay, but they are for a 96 ls400.

Do you guys know if those seats would fit?

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I don't know if the 96 seats will fit in a 91 but I think the seats are quite a bit higher in a 96 like they are in my 00. The interior dimensions of the 95-00 LS are very different than the 90-94 LS. It sounds like your seat back has a common problem which is fairly easy to fix. When it happened on the 90 LS I used to have, I had a mechanic repair it. I posted the cost in a previous post -- I don't remember how much I paid but it was fairly inexpensive. Try doing a search in the LS portion of this forum.

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