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Winter Tires?

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I have the 2002 GS, with 17" (stock) wheels. I'd love to park her in the winter, but she's my daily driver. Right now, I have Michelin Pilots 235/45/17s on, but they're looking less and less like tires I'd trust to get me through the snow when it starts coming down soon in the next few months.

Also, when is best to use the "Snow" setting? I had RWD cars in the past, so I'm used to driving this set up in the winter. I had a 97 ES before this one and she did extemely well in the winter, with regular all seasons on there.

I'm thinking of getting 19"s for the Spring/Summer, so I'm OK getting more aggressive "snow" tires or good All seasons. I'd rather not spend $200 each for new Michelin's.

Any suggestions from anyone who drives their GS in the snow season?

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i have a sep set of tire and wheels for the winter and i use the snow mode. the tires i use are called winterforce and i'm pretty certain tire rack sells them although i get them locally. they are very aggressive but the car goes like a tank with them on.

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Greeting from Canada......

I would never consider trying to run the all season tires in the winter...

I picked up a set of steel take off rims from an '06 rave 4 and put winters on them.....16" .

they are the only ones that i found to clearv the calipers.

really slick and got the rims for $200 from a toyota dealer with the center caps.

I only ever use the winter setting when excesive tire spin starts.

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