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Pictures Of My Lexus Gs300 Comments Welcome :)

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This is my 1993 Lexus GS300. It has been in my familly since brand new with no problems whatsoever. Only tune ups, tires and brakes. It has been detailed weekly to keep paint look brand new. Any suggestions please let me know and also glad to be member of this great community. It has over 210 000 miles and still going strong :)

more pictures :)

Thank you guys for all of the replies. Yes the car is bone stock. I do have 17' BBS RK wheels with 225/45/17 pirelli tires that I may put on it but the winter is coming in Chicago so I will wait. Also every time I take car to a Lexus dealer for a oil change they cannot believe it has over 210 000 miles people think still that the car is like year 2000 with 50000 miles because of the style and all of the goddies it has.











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I remember when the first gen GS came out and drooled over it...and still do. Yours looks absolutely awesome! Good job keeping her in such great condition!

Beautiful car :cheers: The GS has always been a favorite of mine........ ;)

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