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Light Rasping/rattling Sound ...need Input!

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Ok guys here's the issue. I have a 92 ES300 5spd. This car only has 83k on it, so i'm not sure if the sounds i'm hearing is the sound of some higher mileage issue that needs to be taken care of or not. When the car is idling I hear this sound a little bit, but when you step on the accelerator you really hear this rasping/rattling sound coming from the car. One mechanic told me it was a broken bolt on the rear exhaust manifold. When i took it to another mechanic, they told me that all the bolts in the manifold were fine. Another guy told me that it sounds like the joint of the flex pipe. Basically put I have no clue what the heck is going on with my car, but at the same time I don't wanna keep paying mechanics to take "guesses" at whats wrong with my car. I was thinking about getting it up on ramps and tryin to locate the sounds myself, but sense i'm not a mechanic unless its blatently obvious what wrong with it then I probably couldn't diagnose it right either. You guys have any suggestions??

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