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Information On Magnashield

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So I have not been able to find much about the Magnashield, even in this Forum.

I got my new GX470 two weeks ago and DID NOT get the Magnashield (which was offered at $1,295 and would also come with another stuff that would protect the leather/vinyl -an expensive propostition)

Can someone comment on the Magnashield ? Is it a Polymer ? Is this something I can do if I just buy the right stuff ? If so, what/where to buy and how to do it ? Better to have a detailer do it and save some $$ ?

Thanks !!

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Lifetime Paint Protection:

There is no polymer, synthetic or natural wax, or after-market product available that can provide a (2 or 5 year) lifetime protection to a paint film surface. Read the fine print in the contract offered by car dealerships, there is normally a clause that states you should return the vehicle for a "maintenance" application of the product (at 3 or 6 months intervals) failing to do this will void your warranty or the fine print will basically exclude every condition you could claim against

The primary protection provided for a modern water-based colour coat is a polythene paint that has a thickness of 2-3 Mils (0.002-0.003") this is protected by a sacrificial barrier of wax or synthetic polymer sealant.

This barrier is all that stands between the environmental contaminants (ultra violet radiation, acid rain, ozone, industrial pollution, rain, road dirt and tar, etc) and the paint film surface. This renewable barrier is less than 0.000001" thick.

While it’s true that a polymer paints melting point is 350+oF, it is still subject to evaporation and erosion by the elements and vehicle washing. However its durability is approximately five or six months.

The technology for a lifetime protection for a vehicles paint film surface does not currently exist.

Most dealerships rely on the fact that few customers read the fine print on the contract; the PermaPlate box says is must be reapplied every 6 months and every 3 months on darker coloured cars (for which a service charge will apply).

While it will not provide ‘lifetime’ protection go to a Chrysler or Dodge dealer and get them to apply the Daimler-Chrysler Master Shield sealant, this product provides both real protection and a real warranty for any make of vehicle.

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tog's got it. If you do a little looking around in here, these products are discussed at legnth. Its a total scam.

Ok guys, fair enough. I will do some reading.. in any case I am glad I did not do it... did notice the finance manager got a bit upset about the whole thing... whatever !

cheers !!

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Ok guys, fair enough. I will do some reading.. in any case I am glad I did not do it... did notice the finance manager got a bit upset about the whole thing... whatever !

Of course he did, the kickback is huge. Thats usually the first sign something is a scam is when they get all uppity when you won't get it.

For instance extended warranties when you buy electronics. I had some sales guy SO adimant about the warranty when I bought a computer one time, and so insolent and rude to me when I would not buy it I walked out and bought the computer somewhere else.

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