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Sos. Wanted: Lexus Mechanic In The Greater Toronto Area


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My car is the 1994 ES300

I beleive I am in need of suspension work..hopefully not too major. I've been living with an annoying knocking coming from the rear. It sounds like something loose..checked trunk and everything visible is secure. someone mentioned a loose strut or shock or a bolt that secures the strut. I'm not certain.

Lately I am driving and suddenly the car starts to wobble with a similar feel of a flat tyre. Of course there is no flat. It feels like I'm driving on a warped rear wheel. If I pull aside then start again everything is fine until maybe the following day. This problem comes and goes..it's a scary feeling of wheel coming out of alighnemt.

I need to have this looked at ASAP because I'm not sure to what degree this problem can escalate.

Thanks in advance for any response to this matter.

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The problem I described above is still ongoing though not as severe.

I was told by a Lexus Mechanic that it is probably overuse of my parking break and sticking break shoes. I have since stopped using the hand break for a few weeks which seemed to resolve the problem somewhat but lately the shaking returned. I went back to mechanic and we disabled / removed the breakshoes because he (mechanic) was convinced that there was still some sticking being caused.

This did not fix the problem. What I'm experiencing now is almost identical to what was described in this thread http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...7&hl=brakes by another member.

Driving on the HWY there is a slight vibration which gets worse when breaks are applied. I've now discovered that my front right wheel is sticking and now I'm being told that the calliper needs to be replaced.

Has anyone experienced anything similar. I would glady replace the callipers but my mechanic seem to keep missing the solution and each missed diagnosis gets more costly.

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haven't updated this topic in some time.

This issue was fixed. It turned out to be a bad calliper that would seize up intermittently and lock up my front right wheel. when this happens the car would vibrate.

Replaced the calliper and problem solved

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I got this fixed at a Garage in Scarborugh located close to Birchmount and Lawerence.

It took me about 3 visits to different mechanics before the problem was accurately diagnosed. I suppose the intermittency of the problem presented some challenges.

One guy had me remove the rear brake shoes thinking it might have been a sticky parking brake or defective braking system but of course the problem continued.

Luckily, there was no major damage to the disk with the calliper seizing and overheating with friction but it did show signs of burning. I think the disk might be slightly warped because there is the very very mild wobble when braking especially more noticable at slow speeds on a smooth road. I can also feel the ever so slight vibration on the brake pedal.

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