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Xm Radio Install


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I've seen some construct brackets to replace the fold out cup holder next to the climate control for ipods and such. Should work the same for the xm, but you'll probably have to get it custom made. I've also seen people get those cell phone type holders (they squeeze the unit to keep it in place) and screw it into the side of the console. Do a search on this forum and you will probably find some pictures. I think I remember finding some a while back.

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Yes, I did.

Actually I drew out what I wanted and had a fabricator make it for me. I think he charged me $10 or something like that.

I have since removed my SkyFi unit and put a GPS with built in XM in its place.

It works great.

If you want some more detailed pitcures, let me know.


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u could always buy a new head unit that comes XM ready, there isnt much space in the SC for adding new things in there, and putting in the pull out cup holder i imagine would look very clunky

i was reading another post on here and supposedly you are able to hook up an aftermarket head unit to the stock nakamichi if you're trying to keep it for the "majority" pure and stock

that would also give you another space to put something else in there later and you wouldn't need the xm reciever

but tom might have a cool design, so just something to think about

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I bought the small Sirius Oval with the car kit. I then hard-wire the cable to the cigarette letter wire and used Velcro fasteners and stuck it to my ashtray-as I don't use it. All of the extra wires sit inside the ashtray and the bracket (included with the radio) covers the antenna and power connection. Works great and I did not have to modify my car.

In my other SC-400, is bought the Xm Roady and used the "air vent" attachment and mounted it to the drivers side air vent. I ran the wires in the dashboard seam. Works well but cosmetically it has a lot to be desired.

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