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Car Would Not


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edot: it cut me off. title car would not start

well, it was a hectic night tonight...like crazy :wacko:

my wife stops the car to wait for me, about 30 minutes in an empty parking lot and when i go in, the car would not start. no warning lights, nothing. Turn it to the ignition stage and the car just blanks out. even the nav reset itself. so yes, i knew it was a battery problem because i didnt even hear the ignitor (word?). the ligths began to dim and only a few electronics were working. after few more futile tries, even the nav went out. well i called my service rep because i didnt know the phone number to roadside assistance...and because i had a service tune up yesterday.

he gave me the number, and apologies, and somebody came for a jump start within 10 minutes. i must say, ive never called for assistance before, but lexus does it pretty well. they even call back in a hour to see if it gets fixed alright. the cars going in first thing tuesday, under my reps orders, to get it checked out. just wanted to share by story, and to tell you guys not to feel scared, angry, or anything if your car brakes down in the middle of the road. :D

i think its weird how i didnt get any signal from the car...whats the light on the dash that looks like a battery for? ;) let me just say this came out of no where. everything was fine, nothing was left open or on during a long period of time.

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