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New Paint Job Now Or Later? Winter Approaching

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Here it goes.... I had my accident with my car and the insurance company gave me two years to get the car repaired. I have until May of 2007 to get it fixed. The repair is going to require the about 40% of the car to be painted to fix. I am planning on providing the extra money for the remaining of the car to be painted so it all gets painted at once.

Here's the question. Is it going to be all that bad if I have a newly painted black car right before winter? As long as I take care of it during the winter, like keeping it garaged so it wont have to sit out in a snow storm. I'm just worried about the salt they put down on the roads. Its still going to be my everyday car though.

But here's the thing also that I am afraid of. If something were to happen and I was in another accident before the car was fixed by the insurance company, I am afraid they would total it. I would like to get thepaint job done as soon as possible and I don't really want to wait until next spring. The car is getting painted black.

I live in Maryland, winters haven't been that bad in the last few years, just pretty cold. I just remember the "salt truck" getting to close to my car and throwing "salt" all over my car. Not a pleasant sound to hear inside the car.

So based on the scenerio what do guys think I should do? I'm eventually gonna have to go through winter in that car at somepoint. Also I bought I set of used chrome oem Lexus rims. Is the winter weather going to do significant damage to the wheels? Since they are oem dont they stand up a little better than aftermarket chrome wheels? And what do people do that buy a new car and only have the oem Lexus chrome wheels that came with the car when they bought it new??

Obviously my timing is terrible now that winter is coming... But I don't want to wait anymore... Also, my share of the paint job with the deductable is around $3,000 and if something financially came up then that money for the paint job would disappear rather quickly. Then I might run out of time with the insurance company or just get 40% of the car painted. Car needs to be painted the full 100% :)

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Thanks alot for your quick response. I was hoping you would be the one to respond. Sure I'll take the reference. I think I'm just overly worried about something happening once it gets painted/fixed. Can't wait though to see what it will look like when it gets repainted. I can't even begin to imagine how clean it will look afterwards. Thanks again for your reply, I was just looking for someone to say it would be ok. I'll be on the straight & narrow once it gets painted, no more $2.00 car washes.

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I know how you feel LOL, I had my rear bumper repainted last year right before winter, in fact it snowed the week after and it was all caked in salt and junk. No worse for wear.

The shop is:

Rockville Auto Body

1221 Taft St

Rockville, MD


Tell them Steve Withrow with the burgundy 03 ES300 sent you. They should remember me.

I'm EXTREMELY picky, and these guys really went out of their way to make sure they did a perfect job for me.

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Thanks, between the repair from the accident and the new paint job its going to be around $6000. Is there anything I should know before I let them do the repairs. Any shortcuts or corners that a body shop might do to save time on the repair/paint process? Never had a car completely repainted, just curiuos as to what I should kinda beware of. $6,000 is alot of money and I want what I pay for. Thanks again for the reference. I am pretty close to the Rockville area.

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