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Show Us Your Es 350


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Nice, do you have smoked taillights or is it just the picture?

Correct, it is the photo, I have several photos reworked for effect. Nice avatar of both cars as well. Thank you for the compliment also :)

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OMG that car is so hot, but I don't think it doens't even come anywhere close the new LS.

You must be in the wrong forum to comment soemthing like this :-) It's like saying to a 3-Series that 'You're not anything close to a 7-Series. :-) Mind you, but option wise, ES has done a terriffic job. LS has what to offer more? engine? confort? auto park? massager? doesn't have a toilet seat does it?

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The ES is really nice, but its no LS. I'd take an LS over an ES anyday, worth the extra money.

Wow it has been quite a while since I have been on these forums. I was glad to see my favorite line by SW when I saw this page. The ES is really nice, but its no LS

It would be fun to count the number of times that phrase has been used by SW...I'd say more than 6 times :lol: .....but hey, he's right

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Yeah I normally don't like aftermarket wheels but those look great.

Thanks guys.

The cool thing was, when I went to the wheel shop I had initially picked out a different style, but I was watching them mount the wheels and when they put the first set on the car I didn't like them. Looked really nice on the shelf, but not on the car. So I talked to the owner and they ended up letting me check out two more different types of wheels on the car (at no extra charge) before I picked those. Good deal.

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