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Sensitive Headlight Switch


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Alright i have an extremely sensitive headlight switch. Any touch to the switch when the lowbeams are on, i hear a click near the passengers side airbag and the headlights shut off. Its hard to describe, but sometimes its left me in complete darkness :huh: . It used to be easy to deal with until this morning in the rain they just wouldnt stay on, they'd just flicker off. A mechanic told me its the switch arm that needs to be replaced, but im not so sure of it. Maybe a relay? No clue, any help?

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Yeah i have an appointment at Lexus for the 21st. But thats to get the 3 VSV's changed, most likely anyway. I'll ask them about the switch and how much it is. Theres alot wrong with this car, its really annoying im getting rid of it as soon as possible.

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