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Does Anyone Have Pictures Of Dd Radio Install?


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I just was wondering how a double din radio with full lcd screen looks in an sc400. I know there is 1/2 din leftover space after install that must be filled, but how have others taken on this challenge? I'm very picky when it comes to the way things fit together and if its not possible to make ALL the gaps fill in perfectly, then I don't even want to attempt it. I was hoping that a double din radio would fit just right, but never actually seen one in an sc400 to see what it looks like. I'm torn b/w the factory unit and aftermarket. I want an aftermarket that looks pretty much factory (which I think I can get with an lcd display), but am satisfied with the sound quality of my factory unit. I just need to be able to listen to mp3s through the radio (w/out using an fm modulator or unreliable cassette adapter). I don't like things sticking out farther than the other units and gaps left b/w the radio and bezel within reason. Any suggestions welcome. I've been looking at some 2din kenwood and pioneer units, but don't know how they would fit in my opening or if I would have to use a dremel to fit it right. Thanks

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