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Timing Belt Change On 00 Gs300


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Has anyone changed their timing belt yet? From the looks of it, you have to remove the radiator, Accessory belt and tensioner and plastic covers. Does the water pump or anything else that gets removed in order to get to the belt? Any tricks or suggestions I need to know? If I have to remove the water pump, should I go ahead and replace it as well?

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Just did it webs, yes should remove the rad for easy access, it would be pretty tight but you could probably get away just removing the drive belt etc--in my case the rad and condenser was already off. Timing belt covers, drain coolant, and since your there, depending on your mileage, you may as well change your water pump also. If your a handy DIY guy then you might not want to do the water pump at the same time just know that you'll have to do the same process if it fails in the future. Here is the PDF supplied to me when I asked the same question--the search engine in this forum works like a charm :) Follow the timing marks or bad bad things will happen :( Have fun!!


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