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Need Instruction/advice To Change A Rear Corner Stop Light Bulb


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I am looking at the driver side rear corner stop light assembly and I have to replace the bulb #7443.

Question 1, does a proper service procedure require to remove the carpet cover ? I removed two screws that secure the carpet cover and my hand can barely reach the cable and the two white rectangular plugs.

Now, am I supposed to remove that two white rectangular plugs in order to pull the light assembly out?

Question 2, how can I unplug that two white plugs that hold the assembly in place? Any tool 'd make it easy?

Anyway I couldn't find any free instruction as of what must be done to replace that light bulb... I even thought I could have pulled the cable that seems to be attached to the lightbulb inside the assembly... I attempted but I backed off that idea...

Anyway in contrast to replace the tail/stop lights that are on the rear trunk, the mechanism to hold those lights are more straightforward. The impression I am getting from a Lexus is pretty bad in fact they assumed majority of owners shall take their cars back for service even as simple as replacing a tail/stop lightbulb. Too bad the car is out of warranty. Thank for help in advance!

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Here's a link to the pdf on how to remove the rear tail lights.


Here's how to get to the bulbs.

Open your trunk

There are two circular clips thant you need to take out so that you can access the screws. Once you get those off. Slightly lift up and it will start comming out.


Pull it a little up and to the left for the left housing, or right housing. It should all come off. There will be a big circle that you have to turn. and then you will get access to the light bulb.

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Got it replaced. Thanks...

I actually misunderstood where the clips are... oh yes, these are the screw covers... Thanks for the scan pic.

It helps. Basically this is one whole housing with the lense... really does not need to remove any carpet in the trunk... silly me. I guess I thought I had to do it the hard way (like older car...) And yes, once I slightly take that lense/lights housing off the mounting (basically on top of the bumper) I have no problem to turn that circular bulb connector counterclockwise (as the arrow shown) and removed the bulb...

it is really just a 10 minutes task...

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