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Changed My Instrament Panel Bulbs

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Ok guys i did a job today!i toke out my cluster and decided to get them lights as white as i could so heres what i did.

first i toke the whole cluster apart.thats really easy!

then i toke out all 8 bulbs around the speedo and rpms

then heres the fun part!i went to pep boys and bought super white neon tubes 4 inch

i put them in between the back and the front were the old bulbs go and mounted them with 3m tape

then put it all back together and went to the car and put it back in then hooked the 2 wires from the tubes to the fuse box.

the result is awsome!!!im going to take some pictures of it and post for yous to see.It looks very very white and not a blinding bright but a nice bright.i thought this up in my head today and decided to try it and it workes awsome.Well just figuered to tell yous about it and i will post some pics asap!

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Are you still able to use the dashboard dimmer control with the neon tubes? I don't think so!! It's nice to be able to dim the dash lights at night otherwise they'll be too bright.;)

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they look whiter then anything ive seen and there would be absolutly no reason to dim it because it looks flourestent so it dont hurt the eyes at all at going to take some pics and tell me what you guys think.

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also as for the needles they burn out and flicker no matter what.its a flaw in the design and should of been recalled but thats another story.mine all work fine but i had to buy a new cluster because my old one was flickering.

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