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Anyone have any experience with disc brake squealing.

My wife's '97 ES300 brakes squeal when coming to the last few feet of a stop, only when mild pressure is applied.

No squealing when heavy pressure, or at higher speeds, only just before the car comes to a stop.

Pads are only about 20% worn and the wear indicators are not touching (not that kind of a sound anyway).

Tried spraying everything with brake cleaner, no help.

I told her that this is probably normal as they are probably semi-metallic pads clamping a steel rotor.

She still doesn't like it.

Only other thing I can do is pull the pads and put some disc brake "quiet" type lubricant between the pad and the piston.

If you roll to a stop light with your window rolled down, you notice many other car brakes squeal to a certain degree anyway.

Anyone want to help get my wife off my back? :chairshot:

Jeff Hauck

Gresham, OR.

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I own a 97 ES300 that had squealing brakes. I took it in for service and the mechanic told me that the shims were the cause of the squeal. Since my brake pads were >40% worn, i had the pads and the shims replaced. Now my car is as quiet as when i bought it. Verify that the shims are the cause of the squeal, then get them replaced.

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