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Tsib Update: Es 350 Transmission 3-4 Gear Shift Flare

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I just read this post and am shocked... shocked,, that Lexus and Lexus of Cerrittos has refused to fix my ES350 because I have this known problem.

They tell me there is nothing wrong with the car. Considering that the Lexus Service Rep has supported the dealer and after a 1 mile test drive determined there was nothing wrong with the car, what in the world can I do? I have had the car for 14 months,, 8000 miles because if I am going any distance I rent.

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I too am experiencing this flare (surge). I happens mostly when cold, and only going up a grade. I have brought this to the attention of the dealer twice before and the first time they could not duplicate it. The second time they did a software upgrade, but that did nothing...still the same intermittant problem. I have about 50k on the vehicle, and now made another dealer appt. for next week, and I will bring them the suggested fix that someone was so kind to post on this forum. Cross your fingers for me, and thanks to all for the information.

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my '07 had and still has the flare since new, told it was normal on cold start up. After the first up shift through the gears it goes away. 162000 mi now with transmission flare but other than that the tranny is fine.

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I did a lot of research and I came with simple solution.

1. Drive the car for 15-20 minutes, the transmission needs to reach the working temperature;

2. Park the car, open the hood, open the fuse box next to the battery;

3. Remove fuses #21, #16, #37, #38;


4. After 15 minutes return them back (#21 is a 30A fuse, #16 is a 10A fuse, #37 is a 15A fuse, #38 is a 10A fuse).

5. Drive the car for 15-20 minutes hard, it has to shift over 3000 rpm, do a lot of kick downs, let it rev past 5000 rpm, that's the best way for the transmission ECU to relearn;

6. Park in in your garage and try it next day. This worked for me.

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