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Picking Up The Gs400 On Needed!

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Hye guys...

im picking up the 400 on Wednesday...

what should i look for b4 i buy it? anything i should be concerned with? what are some of the major issues with th 98 GS400's?

i need help cuz this is my 1st lexus(toyota) not sure what to expect?!

please help!


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as I've read here before:

condensation inside the headlights

yellowing of plastic on headlights

replacement of throttle body has been needed on some cars

get service history from Lexus dealer before buying car. Confirm it's history of oil changes and the like!

You'll likely feel a slight vibration at 60mph. Seems like most people do, but it's very very slight. You'll need to read up on it for more info. What works for some doesn't work for everyone to get rid of it.

get 2 keys from the current owners! they ain't cheap.

check the oil to see how recently it's been changed and for it's color and smell.

there's really not much else to verify that is specific to the car I think. I just bought a 99 GS4 a month ago. :) It is truely awesome. Best car I've ever owned.

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I bought my 2nd gs400 about a month ago and even after a very thoughrough inspection at the dealer I missed the following check spare and surrounding areas in the trunk for any rust in the corners which comes from any water and or condensation and if the spare has been used check condition of rim and tools should all be in their stirofoam holders. the front bucket seats move them all the way up forward and inspect the tracking also for rust and or any wear in the paint. In the engine compartment if you see any corrosion on the top of the screws of the strut towers or for that means in any part of the engine bay this vehicle was driven in the snow and it was not cleaned or maintained properly to avoid the rust that can build up. hope this helps.

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