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Retrofit Ls400

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sorry guys i got hit w/ a virus and have been down for some time but the bracket has been cut out and the old headlight housing is being cut as we speak. Updated pics soon!

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"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait."

here are the updated pics and a short story. I cut the bracket using the dremel and the reinforced cutting discs since the regular ones broke. i also used the drill bit on the dremel to cut the mounting holes. The Rubber dust boot is off a J30(infiniti) headlight and fits perfectly on the headlight housing. this is just for practice and the final product will be a little different. I also will prob sand the whole headlight glass for better light output.

PS sorry for the dark pics















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I was looking on and found some retrofit info. Someone made a custom Angel eye for their car and here is the directions:

I have a LS400 and I installed 6000K HID with Hi/Low (Telescopic) Kit. It looks great but I cannot get the light pattern you get on projectors. I wonder if there is a way to cut the front and make it clear with either another headlight that might match it or some plexiglass that can be molded and glued so I can put a set of projectors inside the housing. Have anyone tried or heard about this aproach? Great topic!

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