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The New Ls 460

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Well Yesterday i went to the show to see one thing only and that was the LS460.

It was unveiled right after the Es350 was which was hardly a blip according to the media's camera shutters.

I have pics but it looks the same as most shown before with the only difference is me being in them with the new LS.

The LS shown is the same one making all the rounds for all the major shows in the world. Which means it is a prototype just as the IS 250 and 350 i saw last summer before its official release. For a prototype it was true Lexus quality even in its unfinished garb. The seams were clean the edges crisp and all material well chosen.

It was pretty much correct right down to having the ML amp housed on the right corner of the trunk with a flashlight and toolkit also hidden under the carpet. It was missing a few push pins to hold things tight but nothing glaringly different than opening any other Lexus trunk. I also noticed on all the seams of the doors that they were non existent. If you look at any car you see where the skin (outer shell) meets the skeleton and are welded and sealed. This particular car had no seams and looked so clean because of it. Not sure if it has anything to do with a prototype vehicle over productions ones but it was esthetically pleasing.

The funniest part is when you go look at a car the first thing you do is get in the drivers seat. I advertently made a b line straight to the right rear seat to check out the ottoman (as designated by the buttons) seat.

To put the rumour to rest as no one is ever sure from the pics is that the right rear seat is fully reclinable and a the left rear seat is only reclinable with no footrest to come up . There are also buttons that move the front passenger seats forward to make room for you as well . It uses body temp to adjust the heat/cold settings as are the other controls for the rest of the HVAC system , audio and seat controls placed beside the seat on the center console. The upper part of the armrest hides the DVD player and a storage area.

It has a drop down screen to watch the movies on which is trimmed in wood as most of the car. To add the whole roof-liner is a nice grey suede . It has self closing rear doors and trunk which in keeping with the LS is still rather large. The rear area has side and rear motorized sunshades (privacy screens).

It definitely looks like a great car and i would sure love one . It stays true to being a Lexus as the LS always has and i can;t wait to not hear on on the road at least until i get to drive one .

Personally it is what i expect and love about Lexus but still wondering why it took so long to finally bring the same features in the Japanese cars over here since it is the same model Toyota Celsior which had a complete rear setup almost like this since 1990.

Now when they finally get together there tuner division for the Luxury owner i will definitely say they are complete until then they have the reliability cornered with looks on par with other luxury makers.

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Here is the press release

For immediate release

January 8, 2006

Lexus Reveals Fourth-Generation LS 460 Flagship Sedan –

2007 LS 460 to Offer Standard and Long Wheelbase Models

(DETROIT) – Lexus revealed the all-new 2007 LS 460 and the company’s first-ever long wheelbase model, the LS 460L, today at a press conference at the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Seventeen years after its initial launch in Detroit, the redesigned LS now combines new levels of performance, sophistication, contemporary styling and luxury refinements.

"The Lexus LS 460 was designed to expand the definition of the full-size prestige luxury sedan," said Stuart Payne, Director of Lexus in Canada. "The new LS is the product of an advanced production process developed specifically for this vehicle with remarkable new levels of accuracy, refinement, precision and craftsmanship.”

High Output V8, World’s First 8-Speed Transmission

The LS will be powered by an all-new highly advanced 4.6-litre V8 engine that will produce approximately 360 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. Combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, a world-first, the LS 460 will travel from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.5 seconds. With that level of performance, the new LS will achieve an impressive combined city/highway fuel-efficiency that is estimated to be in the high 20 mpg (US estimate) range. Lexus also anticipates receiving an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV II) rating.

Ultra-Advanced Dynamics

The new LS is built on a sophisticated platform that maintains a delicate balance between ride comfort and responsive handling. The completely redesigned multilink suspension system includes an all-new variable gear ratio electronic power steering system and a next-generation Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system.

VDIM is an all-new system that integrates and manages a new Electronically Controlled Brake system (ECB), Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), Electric Power Steering (EPS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), ABS, Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and engine torque via the electronically controlled throttle.

Monitoring a variety of sensors, the system is designed to anticipate the onset of a vehicle skid or slide and then help correct the situation with a combination of braking, throttle and steering control in a way that’s essentially transparent to the driver. Data is gathered from more sources and processed earlier and faster than previous designs, helping to make VDIM less obtrusive yet highly effective.

First Long Wheelbase Sedan

At nearly 5156 mm (203 inches), the long wheelbase LS 460L provides an even higher level of comfort and convenience features along with some of the most advanced technology ever offered in a production automobile. The four-passenger compartment of the LS 460L transports its rear-seat passengers in an environment whose luxury accoutrements closely resemble to that of a private jet.

Luxury, Redefined by Lexus

Lexus’ intelligent technology and emotionally evocative design is clearly evident throughout the beautifully appointed cabin. The extra touches of luxury and comfort include a heated steering wheel and seats swathed in one of four tones of semi-aniline leathers that match one of three coordinating wood-grain trims.

Rear occupants can relax and enjoy power reclining seats equipped with power leg rests and even a massage feature. The new LS even offers body-heat sensors that help maintain the perfect temperature for all occupants. A fold-away table matched to the interior wood grain provides ample work space for rear passengers. The LS also features a 9-inch headliner-mounted rear-screen monitor along with an all-new 19-speaker Mark Levinson® audio system that provides a true theatre-level entertainment experience. Additional luxury convenience features include a power rear-door closer and a powered trunk lid.

New Lexus Design Direction

Over the last two years, Lexus has developed a new styling philosophy that it calls L-Finesse. This new design language rests upon the inherent contrast between simplicity and elegance—and the beauty of achieving a balance between the two. Simplicity, in form and function, reflects styling that is uncluttered and void of extraneous elements. Lexus elegance, inside and out, avoids exaggeration by prioritizing understated luxury that is intriguing, subtle, seamless and slightly surprising.

Lexus imbued this new styling direction in the development of the 2006 GS and IS series sport sedans. The new LS takes the L-Finesse visual philosophy to an even higher level, revealing a family resemblance in the new Lexus sedans, and one that conveys elegance, refinement and a strong emotional appeal.

The 2007 Lexus LS 460 is targeted for sale beginning in the fall of 2006. Further information on the all-new LS 460, including its advanced safety and innovative technology features, will be available closer to launch.

Wesley Pratt

Public Relations Manager

Toyota Canada Inc.

Preliminary Specifications

LS 460

(Standard Wheelbase)

LS 460L

(Long Wheelbase)


Difference: 122 mm (4.8 inches)

2969 mm (116.9 inches)

3091 mm (121.7 inches)

Overall Length

Difference: 122 mm (4.8 inches)

5029 mm (198.0 inches)

5151 mm (202.8 inches)

Overall Width

73.8 inches (1875 mm)

Overall Height

58.1 inches (1476 mm)

(w/ coil suspension)


4.6-litre V8

Horsepower (estimated)

Approximately 360 hp

Torque (estimated)

Approximately 370 lb.-ft.

Drive Wheels



Front & Rear Multi-Link Suspension

(5 links)

0-60 mph Acceleration (mfr. results)

Under 5.5 sec.

*Fuel Economy (city/highway)

Combined fuel economy in the high 20 mpg range

**Emissions Rating


* Manufacturer’s estimate of EPA fuel economy ratings.

**Manufacturer’s estimate of emissions ratings (US estimate).

Note: All information is preliminary and subject to change prior to launch of vehicle.

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My funny retort to some press at the unveiling was

Now that is a car..............

Like i said to someone at the show who mentioned getting a chauffeur if they bought it. I was like hell no , i would drive it to the mall ,park and let my wife go shopping .

Then i would jump into the back seat while i put the rear window shades (sides and rear) and watch a movie while doing a crossword on the burlwood picnic table. Have a nice massage while kick up on my recliner/ottoman.

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Then i would jump into the back seat while i put the rear window shades (sides and rear) and watch a movie while doing a crossword on the burlwood picnic table.

Hehe... actually it sounds very nice! Just make sure to park at a safe distance from sloppy drivers/parkers.

You don't want THAT car sitting in the garage with a dent in the door - unless you can still sit in the rear seat as the mechaic is repairing it!

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If you look at any car you see where the skin (outer shell) meets the skeleton and are welded and sealed. This particular car had no seams and looked so clean because of it. Not sure if it has anything to do with a prototype vehicle over productions ones but it was esthetically pleasing.


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