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Have the same year as yours and am currently replacing every bushing in the car. In the front you have

sway bar bushings (cheapest and usually removes creaking sound you hear in the morn)

upper control arm bushings (only available aftermarket poly or expensive VFT. Looking into a work around)

Lower control arm bushings (available OEM, aftermarket poly and VFT)

Strut bar cushion/bushing (available OEM and was recent discussion on this)

Might also mention replacing the steering rack bushings. Won't help the handling much but should remove the vibes your feeling in the steering wheel.

Then there is the back which I am not completely familiar with at this time, but am headed that way after the front. Someone else can help with the rear....calling nc211.

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I'm not very familiar with the first generation models, but I think they're pretty close. The rear suspension setup is actually easier to do because you're not having to mess with the steering linkage. However, the struts are a pain to replace because you have to remove the back seat to get to the top brackets. The main bushing that seems to wear the most in the rear is the rear carrier bushing, located on the wheel hub itself. This is not an expensive part. Infact, my dealership here uses an aftermarket repair kit called the ASUS 302, about $35 bucks for both. This is the part of the rear suspension that receives the most torque when going forward. So it's also the first bushing to wear out. There are so many different ways a bushing can cause a problem, that I decided to just replace them all at one time, instead of fixing one, then another, then another. One thing that I can say you should do "that I fogot to do and am not happy with myself about" is that if you are going to go through the pain of this project, MAKE SURE you go ahead and replace the upper strut bumper! They're not expensive, but they are the most buried little piece of rubber in the car. I think these little bumpers make a big difference in ride. I'm actually going to start a thread about this issue.

I have found that if you replace one part in the suspension area, it will usually reveal the weaknesses in the other connecting bushings as well. Not always the case, but it has happened. So you do run the risk of repeating your work if you do just one at a time.

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