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Bushings For The 1st Gen Ls


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Since purchasing my '93 LS 400 late last year, I've replaced a few items concerning the suspension. Namely struts, and sway bar bushings. This has brought to light other suspension components that need attention. I have ordered the new lower ball joints, LCA bushings and the strut rod cushion.

My symptoms are the severe oscillation of the vehicle when applying the brakes. The kind that causes the shifter to move in the console as others have metioned. I don't believe its the rotors and if it is it will just be a short term fix by having them turned. I realize that this could be the rear carrier and rear strut bushings that is causing this and will address the rear at a later time. I am focusing on the front for now which brings me to my question.

Gumart1 was able to find the strut bar bushings in the Toyota parts bin. Is it possible that other bushings are available there? Primarily the UCA bushings.

I just hate the thought of paying $300+ dollars when I really don't need the most expensive part which is the control arm itself. The Daizen bushings don't appeal to me, been there done that with squeaky poly bushings on another car. Might it be possible to drill for a zerk fitting for these two bushings to keep them from squeaking?

Realize that there is a upper ball joint that is included in the "deal" but that joint is not the one that bears most of the burden and may not be worn out on my car.

Yes I will probably end up buying the UCA's but was just trying to see if there might be a chance Toyota has these bushings and we just don't know about them, like the strut bar cushion. Why would Toyota show this part and Lexus doesn't?

Thoughts? Comments?

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Woops! Appears I've been sniffing too much of the silicone spray!

Looks as though Gumart did get his bushing from Lexus dealer. Although looking through the "Lexus parts online" catalogs there is no such listing of that part.

So what else does Lexus have.

Back to the silicone.

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Just looked up Supra the only RWD Toyota that might be somewhat related to the LS.

Found that on the 86-92 Supra the UCA bushings are available seperately. The bushings in the picture do appear similar to 1st Gen LS's, more so than the '93 up Supra.

Not very scientific I know. But maybe something to go on?

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Talked to the parts guy at the Toyota dealership that I do business with. Got him to look into it and ordered a set of bushings from the Supra.

When I get ready to put the lower suspension parts in, I'll have a look at the UCA and see if these bushings are the same.

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Ark, are you talking to yourself again?? Man, I thought the medication was working! haha, just kidding.. :cheers:

I wish I could help in the measurement request, but I no longer have my uca anymore. Plus, I think they're a little different on the 95-00 to the 90-94 models. However, can I ask you this: Do you plan on keeping this car for a few years? If so, then in all honesty, I would just go with the oem. I do not think there is a way to get around the upper ball joint in the uca w/o having to purchase a new oem arm. I would doubt the uca are in that bad of shape too. My opinion is that I would focus on the lowers. The only three options I have found for those bushing for your model year is the daizens, vlamous and oem. I like the oem route myself because it's easier to replace. Just a couple bolts here and there. With the other way, you're torching out the old ones, and some other steps that I'm not familiar with. Of course I'm also a bit of a lazy sack of potatos though.

I would try to pm lexls and see what he knows. He seems to be the suspension guru for your model series. well, he's also the guru for pretty much everything else relating to these cars in general. I'd love to ride in his car, probably rides nicer than a Roles Royce. :cheers:

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I replaced UCA bushings with aftermarket polyurethane, and after one month, those bushings squeaked like a pig in heat. I could not stand the noise anymore so I took the UCA out and installed the grease fittings. Now I can grease those bushings in a minute without having to remove the wheels.

I read quite a few posts from people with Daizen bushings but not many complain about squeak. Are Daizen bushings that good or people don't want to admit they make a mistake going for Daizen?


I suggest you replace the rear carrier bushings first as that resolved my vibration problems during braking. There is also another Toyota Cressida bushing (48725-22110) at the other end of the LS rear carrier arm.

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<I could not stand the noise anymore so I the UCA out and installed the grease fittings.>

..so you ???? the UCA....

Drilled a hole for a grease fitting? That is what I have been thinking of doing as well.

As soon as I finish the front the rear is next on the list.

<There is also another Toyota Cressida bushing (48725-22110) at the other end of the LS rear carrier arm.>

Super info!! We need to compile this stuff and put up as a sticky.

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