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91 Ls 400 Keyless Entry Battery


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I have been looking around on the site and have not found a post for what the correct replacement batter for the Keyless Entry key for the 91 LS 400 is. Also does anyone know what size the screw that holds the key together is and where to get one? And no I do not have the original battery or I would just use it to get the info! The key's FCC ID: HYQ1512A

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My 93 LS uses a CR 1216 battery.

I checked at www.lexus-parts.com, and they show that the CR 1216 is the battery for the 91 LS. Their cost is $1.00 for the battery. They also list the screw (part number 90151-20002) for 57 cents. Of course, the shipping charges would probably be at least $10.00!

You might also check www.newlexusparts.com. They pay shipping costs, and I don't believe there is a minimum sale amount in order to get free shipping.

The CR 1216 is also available at Radio Shack for about $3.00.

I also lost one of the screws from one of my keys. I stuck it back together with two-sided tape. It has held up well.

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