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Option Pricing

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Hello i am new to this forum.I have a 2006 bmw 325 and my wife is looking at the lexus is250.We both really like the car,it suits her better than my bmw.My question is.I am used to bmw's option pricing,on the lexus website,you can't really option out your car,it has to be in big packages.On edmunds,you can itemize option price it.All she wants is the sport package,and thats it.How many of you were able to order just a few of the options,and was it easy to find car,or did you need to have it built.I allways build my bmw,it takes about 6 to 8 weeks,but that works for me.Just curious about your buying experience,in this matter.

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from what i have read, if a specific option/package is not available in your area, you will mroe than likely have to order it. the wait time can be more than 3 months.

only way to find out if they have what you want, is to go and check. if they dont have ot available at that time, ask if they have it anywhere else.

good luck, the IS is a great car.

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