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Not Happy After A Dealing With Sirius


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Brought a new Ford Truck It came with Sirius and 6 months service period for $195. Well a couple

of weeks later get a letter from sirius with an offer to extend this for another 3 years for $310.

Well it was hell from here on out. First they claimed never heard of the offer. So wanted me to

faxed it to the consumer service. At 3 different numbers. Next was i should have never gotten

the offer. You are talking to the asian reps so we dont not communicate the same at all.

They did finally acknowledge the offer and charged my card. BUT what they did was cancel the 6 month

I paid for with the truck. So it was back on the phone. I finally got a rep over here after 6 calls,

they ended up canceling the 3 years and reinstating the 6 month. Biggest darn mess.

I did try to ask the young lady if this was added on to the 6 months and she said yes but

the confirmation email showed different.

So if you pay for a service with a vehicle and get one of these letter watch Sirius because will

double bill you if not careful. I could have argued more but just wanted what paid for with

truck and doubt will extend it. Nice feature but just dont find myself listerning to the radio

that much anymore. Many probably dont catch the email and just assume it was added on

till end of 3 years and find trying to bill ya for 6 months early.

Posted here since many are wanting to intergrate sirius with the GX

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