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Emergency Brake Pedal Return Shock/damper


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My return shock seems to be dead as it never fully pushes the pedal up all the way after i pull the release.

It is not a sticking cable as i can lift it up easily by my foot without any resistance.

So my question is ,has anyone had to replaced theirs or even knew it was not a spring like most?

It seems to cost about $50 for this stupid shock which seems high but i would rather replace it than have to buy the rear parking brake shoes need changing.

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I think another purpose of the little "return shock" you are talking about is to reduce the noise of the parking brake pedal popping up when one pulls the parking brake release handle. Otherwise, the pedal would "bang" when released like on most American cars. Same principle is used in the front ashtray.

For me this has been a winter-only problem when the temperatures dip. Could it be a bit cold in Toronto?

I generally clean the parking brake pedal mechanism every year or two and spray the mechanism with clear silicon spray. Do not use WD40 which might stain the carpet and gum up the works after it drys out.

Mainly I have gotten into the habit of pulling the parking brake pedal release twice during the winter - the second quick pull almost always fulling releases the pedal and makes the dash light turn off.

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