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Installing A Dvd Player Into Rx300 W/o Navigation?


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hi! i just recently bought my 2001 rx 300 and was wondering if anyone here had been able to put a dvd player system into their rx300? Mines does not have navigation system so it is not possible to just buy a converter into dvd input. Anyone able to get theirs done?

thanks :geek:

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are you trying to put video up front? there isn't really any easy way to do it and have it integrated into the front dash. i've seen a few peeps on here do it but it seemed like quite an undertaking :whistles: i have dvd for my rear passengers utilizing a monitor housing that's replaced a portion of my center console. there are some folks that have done headrest monitors as well. the search function will be your best friend in finding those threads. ;) oh, and welcome to the club!!

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Yes I'm actually wondering that myself. My '03 SC is

equipped with nav but my RX is not.

Don't want to spend a fortune becuase I just spent a

small fortune (long ago) getting the Pioneer AVIC-N1,

which is suppose to be in-dash but have no idea what

to do with it and it's sitting in the box collecting dust in

my office


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:cheers: my recommendation to you is try to sell the pioneer on ebay to get your money back. i have been to various car places and the cheapest i have been able to find was 500 dollars for just the labor. this is because the rx300 does not have a special kit where they can just take out a part and put the dvd in. the mechanic would have to carefully cut out the top part of your dash (cd/tape/radio) and leave behind the heater controls. That requires alot of labor. This place said they would charger me up to 1000 dollars for the labor depending on how long it would take them to work on the job. Some places even refuse to do it....
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