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Rear Seat Belt Problems

W201 sweden

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In my -95 LS 400, the both rear seat belts behave... hmmm...let's say "strangely"... <_<

If I pull one out to buckle up, it works ok. When fastened, I let go of the belt, and it spools up, so the slack disappears - work fine.

But if I then try to bend forward, and need some of the excess belt, that just went back on the spool (?), it stops.

So, it blocks the belt without any external force being applied to the belt mechanism. Pulling really slow makes no difference - I have to unbuckle and redo the whole procedure.

BUT - if i use very little of the belt, (enough to fit a child) it works OK. Belt goes in and out in a normal way, adjusting to movement of a small person.

Also the rear belts seem surprisingly short. I am normally built - although rather tall (6'2") - but there is not much excess belt when I've buckled up.

A slightly larger person could not use the rear seat belts. Is that normal?

Best regards,

Alexander from Sweden

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That sounds normal. I'm about 6'5 and 290lbs, and when I ride in the back seat, I can buckle up fine, but I can't move around without the belt locking up...exactly like what you said. What's strange is the front seat belts are like a mile long. LOL I guess the back is geared more for small people or children.


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Hey Alexander,

It seems as if you are more thorough in your "relentless pursuit of perfection" than us old yankees. LOL.. I would suggest standing outside the car with the door open and extracting the seatbelt to full extension and then retracting them as it may be a tensioner memory problem. Being as you live in -40 degreee weather I ...would look for shivering upon retraction. :whistles: Just kidding..I can't even imagine those temperatures, and I lived in Chicago. Seriously try that a few times and the manual says pull hard and see if you can't get full extraction....I know when I was cold my girlfriends had to pull hard for a full extraction LOL...overseas humor...or wait till the spring and see if the tensioners thaw out..Just kidding again.. :) Seriously.. (remember it's me) The tensioners are tense.. ;) Just humor mixed with reality...not meant to offend but to bring a smile :) Love from the USA!! Go Olympics and may we all be Safe!!!

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RFeldes - please stop! LOL! :lol:

I knew I there had to be something with a person choosing that avatar (mini-mini-van...) ;)

But I did check out some other post regarding the FRONT seat belts, and it seems Europe and US have

different seat belts. You have an automatic belt tensioner as you switch on ignition?

We don't. Probably the length is also different?

Blake918 (who also has a -95 LS) can use the rear seat belts in his car, probably couldn't in mine.

I'm approx. 6'2" / 175 pounds, and as I said, there is not a lot of excess belt when I've buckled up.

(Same on left and right side.) Guess Lexus inteded rear quarters as a "KIDS ONLY" area in Europe... ;)

Guess that makes me one... :P


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