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How Rare Is The 97-99 Coach Edition?


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Hey guys! New Lexus owner here as of about a month ago...

I've just been reading and soaking everything in about the car. I really didn't have a need to post until about a week ago.

It seems that one of my close friends accidentally ripped the leather on my rear passenger side interior door card. I'm really bummed about the whole thing, as I haven't even had the car a full month yet and the interior was basically flawless. It is a '99 Coach Edition. It seems everywhere I look, I cannot find a new panel. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could source one or maybe a method of fixing it other than those tacky liquid leather fix-it kits? They never seem to work correctly from what I've read....

I've got an ad in the For Sale section and I've checked most local wreckers.... haven't come up with anything yet. Do I have any other options? Could I take the car to a local upholstery shop (with a good repuation, of course) and possibly have them replace the leather on the panel?

Any suggestions would be great and I'm happy to be a part of the "club" :cheers:

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They're not "rare". There are a bunch of CE's floaing around. What you'll find, is that there just are not many wrecked ES's anywhere handy to anybody. When someone does wreck one, they tend to migrate to some unhelpful location nobody ever finds them at. :\

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