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Factory Radio Upgrade 1991 Ls

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Hello All,

I`ve seen this topic done to death on this part of the forum. But I`ll post it anyway.

I wanted to upgrade my factory radio by installing an Amp. Now, my question is what specs does the 1991 LS400 Pioneer head unit put out?? Obviously I`ll need to know what it`s speakers are putting out to replace the them. 2, 4 ohms? I heard someone mention that the stock radios do NOT accept aftermarket amps, is this true?? Any suggestions to amp/speaker combos (tweaters, mids and a sub............all factory dimensions)??

My volume knob is loose, is there a quick fix?? Has anyone manage to tighten it?


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Edward, the volume knob is an easy fix. Put the knob off, it is just on a stem. Once you have the knob off you will see a nut that is over the stem. Reach in with a needle nose plier and tighten the nut. Slide the knob back on and you are ready to go.

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if you want to hook up an aftermarket amp to the factory HU first you need to disconnect the factory sub, your amp should have an input for a signal from the radio, i used a rockford amp that had this connection. using the factory positive and negative wire from the sub connect this to your new amp this way the amp will be receive signal from your factory HU, therefore your Amp should work off the factory signal.

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