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Cd Player Problems

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Hello all. Hopefully, someone can give me some insight on the following problem(s).

Sometimes when I listen to a CD and turn the car off after turning the car back on, whether it's been a few minutes, hours or the next day, the CD player either shuts down totally (no power for the radio or the CD player) or after turning the car back on, the CD player will switch to the radio.

This behavior is inconsistent with what should happen. No matter what device I have on when I turn the car off the CD player/radio should come back on when the car is turned back on.

If I have the CD player on and turn the car off, when I turn the car back on, it should return to the CD player which sometimes if doesn't. That happens with the radio also.

If anyone have/had one or all of the above problems, please give me some info on what is going on and/or what to do. Thanks in advance.

By the way, the model/year is a 2000 GS 300

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Sounds like a bad connection (loose connector, pin, or wiring break) or a failing component. Does your radio ever loose it's preset stations? If so, this would indicate a loss of backup (memory) power.

I would check three fuses, they may be loose of failing. Sometimes they develop minute cracks internally and do not work as intended. Replace any suspect fuses.

(Non-Nacamichi equipped info)

Radio No. 1 20A - Engine compartment, passenger's side rear junction box

Radio No. 2 15A - Driver's side kick panel fusebox

Dome 10A - Passenger's side kick panel fusebox

Anything furthur requires the elimination method. You can disconnect the changer harness from the back of the radio. Problem goes away, suspect the wiring to or the changer itself. If not, suspect the head unit. Unfortunately, the easiest way to do this type of process it with spare components to change out.

Like everything else Lexus, there is a built in diagnostic routine for the radio system. It is detailed in the attached .pdf.


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