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2000 Rx300 - Premium Or Regular?


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Hi, I have a 2000 RX300 with 79,000 miles on it. I have it for a year and alway have filled it up with premium gas. My friend had owned an RX300 and now he has an RX330 and always puts Regular gas in it. He tells me that this is what is recommended for this car. Is this true? Will regular gas cause any kinds of problems or performance issues with the 2000 RX300?


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I drive an RX300 with 80k. The engine runs flawlessly. Also have an SC400 which uses premium only (ever hear an engine ping?!!!). So, to break in the vehicle we took it on a 5k cruise using 92 octane premium. When we got home both area Lexus dealerships told me the same thing, "USE REGULAR". So I have for the last 75k. The computer says that I average 22 mph in about 30% stop and go driving.

My vehicle is a testament to 87 octane. Good luck to you.


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