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Trouble Codes


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This is the greatest "My CEL is flashing" post of all time! ROTFLMAO! Dude even took a video!!!

Code 28 = o2 sensor signal on the rear (right hand) bank is incorrect over atleast 2 trips. If you download the 1993 FSM in the stickied post, you can see the trouble codes, and what to do. Go to page EG-366

You can buy generic splice in 1-wire Bosch o2 sensors for like $30-35usd. You should replace both. If you did that & reset your ECU you'd probably pick up some gas mileage.

That's a code 61, not a 16. In the Automatic Transmission FSM go to page AX-83.

That's the main speed sensor malfunction.

It's the speed sensor, or the wiring for it.

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Thanks for the reply.. anyway you can find the page with a diagram of where the o2 sensor is so I can replace it? Thanks.. Also the code 61, is this something serious I should have looked at?

I purchased a Bosch premium oxygen sensor part 12031, anyone verify this is the correct one?

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Obviously. If neither the engine/transmission computer, nor the cruise control computer really know how fast the car is going - it's not going to be able to us the cruise control.

Ya that's the $30 Universal one that fits. I've got 2 of them.

You don't need a manual. it's on the rear exhaust manifold, passanger side.

It's held on by one 12mm nut & one 12mm bolt.

Unbolt it, clip it's harness off (leaving wire on it to work with), solder / crimp it on the new sensor.

Installation is the reverse.

AFA the PDF. Open it & hit control+shift+F

Type search for oxygen sensor

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