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Help Needed- Rx300 Starter

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Just wondering is anyone has had a similar starting problem with the RX. When I attempt to start the car below around 35 degrees the starter simple "Clicks". Battery is new and the charging system is putting out 14 or so volts.

Any guesses if it's the starter and what that would cost? The car only has 70,000 miles..

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My one experience with having a vehicle that wouldn't start when the outside temperature dropped below 35 to 40 degrees (even though the battery tested good) turned out to be a "fusible link" under the hood. That was back in the 1980s and I'll never forget it because it took weeks to finally track down and solve this very intermittent problem and the vehicle stranded me several times in the process....

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My RX300 did the same thing and it turned out to be the starter. I bought a rebuilt replacement and installed it myself. I think it cost around $150 from a local parts supplier.

The starter is suprisingly easy to replace. First take off the air filter box. Open the air filter box and remove the filter. Disconnect the air line from the air filter box which connects to the throttle body (this is done using a 10 mm socket or phillips screw driver and loosening the clamp). Disconnect the sensor and vacuum line which connect into the air filter box. Next, remove the 3 bolts from the bottom of the air filter box. Once this is done you should be able to remove the air filter box as one complete piece and take out of engine compartment (place bolts inside the box and place to the side of your working area). Next disconnect both battery terminals. Remove battery bracket which holds battery in place (this runs across the top of the battery and bolts into the sheet metal along the front of the engine area). Remove battery from engine comartment. Remove rectangle casing surrounding the battery.

Once the air filter box and battery have been completely removed, you will see the starter just to the left of where the air filter box and battery were. The starter is apprximately level with the base support of the battery. The starter has 2 bolts to be removed along with the contact terminal and sensor. Remove the two bracket bolts which bolt into engine (should be 14 mm I think) which are locate on each side of the starter (look at the replacement to locate exact position). Next remove the contact terminal (should be 10mm) connected to starter. Next remove sensor clip (this is done by squeezing the end and pulling off). \

Once starter is removed:

Bolt contect connection onto new starter (should be 10mm). Re-insert sensor clip to new starter by pushing it in until you hear it click or until it is securely in. Next, line up starter bolt holes with bolt holes on engine block and start threading BOTH bolts before tightening one down. Snug bolts securely. NOW YOU HAVE REPLACED THE STARTER!!!!

Replace Battery and terminal connections (red to + and black to -) and battery bracket.

Replace air filter box and reconnect all connections taken loose. Bolt 3 bolts at base of filter box back to original position. NOTE: when replacing filter box, make sure the opening on the right hand side of box (large open hole) lines up with air intake opening from right side of engine compartment. Connect hose back to throttle body by tightening clamp. Replace sensor connections and vacuum line to air filter box. Replace air filet if needed in filter box. Clamp air filter down.


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