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Exhaust Growling

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98 gs300

When I step on the gas real hard to gun the car, the car growls kinda loud as if I had a special exhaust installed or something. I checked the muffler and exhaust and there no signs of holes or anything.

You can only hear this growl when you floor it....after it shifts to next gear, its ok... I dont remember it being this loud before. What else should I look for?

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To confirm exhaust leaks i would use seafoam, there are multiple threads on its usage for carbon removal but while runnign it through the thottle body and then letting the engine sit for 10 minutes then restartign it ,will make the engien smoke out the carbon and make any small leaks very easy to visually find if there are any.

But i do know a stock GS will growl under full load.

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