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Ls430 Verses Gs430

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I currently own a LS400 ('96) with 165k of mostly highway miles. It is in great shape but I drive a lot for my job and have had the car for 5 years. Do I HAVE to change cars?-------no but I just love the LS430s (2002,2003). My dilemma is that my lovely wife, Mrs. TennesseeLexus wants me to look at the GS430 (or GS300) because she thinks since it is a smaller car it will cost a lot less. I am looking at around $28-30K for a LS430 but I know next to nothing about the GS line except that the GS430 (2003 and above) are really fast and more of a sports car than the LS430.

I realize this is a GS430 forum but any feed back would be appreciated---pro or con. I really don’t know what I am going to do. YOU MUST KEEP THE MRS. HAPPY THOUGH. I would be looking at a 2004 and above for the GS430. I am also posting this same message on the LS430 forum.

Thanks and happy motor’n.

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All I have to say is do you want a BIG sedan, or do you want the power of the sporty but yet same comfortable ride as the LS430? They both ride the same to me. My aunt has a GS430 and my Grandmother has a LS430, I personally like the GS430 because of the sportyness of it. Either way, the engine will last a long time seeing as it is the same engine. Go with you heart...or just wait for the LS460 :)

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Being UK based I may not be comparing apples with apples but I just traded a 2003 LS430 for a new GS 430. The biggest difference is the ride in the GS is much much harsher than the LS. Bumps that the LS would ignore will be picked up in the GS.

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