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Removing Front Ashtray

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  • 4 months later...

Thanks for your valuable input. I just wanted to double check to make sure before I broke something.

(Hint: It's better to double check than it is to spend money repairing something just because your too lazy to ask.)

Nice attitude by the way!

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It was meant to be funny, not mean or anything.

If you search for ashtray, you can probably find at least a half-dozen exhortations to just "pull harder". It's a common thing for people to feel like they will break something getting this part out.

( *did* remove the gear shift plate first, yeah? It appears that wasn't included in the instructions above.)


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remove the console by poping up the both corner side near the cup holder and put your gear shift in NEUTRAL. After you got it pops then lift it upward more 1 inch and pull it. There are 3 wires underneath this console 2 connectors infront one connects to TRAC and the other connects to Heated seat, and third one connect behind the ashtray, pull it off and check the voltage there. It think it's 12V.

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You have a '95.

Try this site for help getting the panel off.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the link on how to remove the console panel to get to the ashtray. I help immensely and I was able to repair the cig. lighter.

Glad I didn't just pull harder as recommended by others. It appears I could have broken the console panel.

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Well I certainly understand what jb is talking about. I pulled the center console with no problem, removed the vents with no problem. The ashtray part is a problem. Although I had looked at a diagram as to how it was attached, I still didn't get the thing loose. I yanked so damn hard that I'm surprized I didn't rip out a sizable piece of the dash!. What do you all find the best place to grab when yanking?

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I actually did break mine using the "pull harder" mantra. I was doing everything correctly, except for having the ashtray open at the time of extraction. Broke the latch that held it in. So after trying to jbweld, than buying a scroll saw and trying to make a new one, I broke down and bought a juncker off of e-bay for $25 and now it is back to new.

Lesson---Make sure the ashtray is open first!

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  • 2 years later...

Thanks for responses. Now we've refined our search to removing the front ashtray to get to repairing the lighter. Does anyone have details?

I have a '91 LS400. is very difficult to pull the ashtray out even though it just clips in. Here's what I did.

1. Remove wood center console, under the gear shift. To do this SAFELY, I use the suction cup apparatus from my navigator, applied the suction cup to the wood closest to the cupholders and pulled up. It EASILY popped up.

Next, I opened the ashtray (didn't want to break anything..see below) and inserted a taped puddy knife in the top edge of the ashtray. I pried a little bit...enough to open up enough space to put a thin taped screw driver in. I then pried all along the top edge. It will pop out!

My original problem is that the front lighter didn't work ( the back one did). I still checked the fuse which was OK. Unclip all the wires to the ashtray.When you look at the underside of the cigarette lighter there is a small black wire which is a fusable link. Mine was fried. I took the nut of the back and removed the fiber washer, bypassing the fusable link. There is a round piece of black plastic which works as the insulator and the lighter is fused so I didn't think there would be a problem.

Yes...everything works great!!!

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I have tried to remove the front ash tray of my 1995 LS400 and it just doesn't want to come out. I have pulled on it until it feels like it is going to break. Any further suggestions?

take and screw driver and gently pry out the top 2 corners and them it should just pop out gently.

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