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New Gs300 Owner With Questions......

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I just got a gold 2001 GS300 and have found the right 20" rim/tire/offset combo to go with by doing a search here on the forums. But now can any of you tell me if the H&R lowering springs will put the car down like MrSypher or bluelex's cars sit? Or will I need to just get a adjustable coil-over kit?

MrSypher, What body kit is that on your car? I have decided to go with that same kit and the rear window upper visar as well. Also what spring/coil-over kit do you use?

bluelex, I tried to locate the Zauber Gettins but have not been very successful at finding 'em. Where can I find that rim or a similar wheel. What spring/coil-over kit do you have?

Thanks for any help you and others may be able to provide. I really like the car. For a V-6, it sure does have some power. The GS400 was just too much $$ for me at the moment, but nothing a trip to the Lexus dealer can't fix, especially with GS430 badges :D

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First thing, H&R springs will not even drop you anywhere close to where I am.. You'll either need some L-sportline Springs or some coilovers.. I have Tein "Flex" coilovers and Blue has Tein "CS" coilovers. Now his is more of a comfortable ride where as mine is atad more stiff but is more adjustable than Blue's but just like me he still can go up or down and soft to hard.. (hey, that didn't sound right :blushing: ).... Now as for the Zauber Gettins, I know where to get them from.. And get them for a decent price.. Now for that rear window spoiler, you might have to go with the L-Sportline one because there are only 2 more Ugo roof spoilers left in the country and I have them.. I'm waiting for people to get desperate for them till I let them go.. Sorry.. But when I start the bidding I'll let you know.. Oh one more thing I forgot to tell you, the L-Sportline springs drop the car about 2" and you'll definitely need to upgrade your struts too because the factory struts won't beable to handle all that stress from the car sitting so low.. Hope this helps and if you need anything else just ask..

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Thanks very much for your response.

I value all info on here and the "SEARCH" button too :D

I will get the coil-overs instead of the springs though. The L-sportline window spoiler may be the ticket, I don't know. BTW, what is the brand of your body kit?

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