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Route Errors On I-95 Corridor- Mid Atlantic

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I have a 2004 ES 330, (Black Garnet, Levinson Audio, + Nav) and was recently driving from Wash DC to NJ coast; I noticed several times where the Nav system provided incorrent or poor routing advice, several times the voice instruction was 180 degrees from map display. At other times, the exit ramp information was wrong and/or the original chosen route changed.

Several times I noted incorrect road identification assigned, especially on state and county roads. The results may add hours to the trip.

I have several questions:

Is there a software upgrade to correct these errors?

Is there a website to list the errors and map location?

Is there a hardware fix needed?

Is there a way to upgrade the nav to accept realtime road closure info?

PS I avg 28mpg on the trip of 200+/- miles.

Advice Please!

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My wife recently acquired an 04 ES330 and we have noticed the same kind of errors. Talks with the service department of our dealership says that the upgrade to the software (in DVD format) should correct most of the problems, when it is available this fall (may be now or in a few weeks). They also claim that the version we now have has 1.2 million Points of Interest, and the new version has jumped to 8.6 million (don't quote me on the actual numbers, I'm trying to recall what I was told back several months ago). The upgrade isn't cheap, several hundred dollars CDN as I've been told. Hopefully this will make our units much more accurate, but with all of the data that is possible in all of North America, I guess its fair to assume that there will be some errors, but hopefully a lot less than at present.

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