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Bodykits For 1st And 2nd Gen Gs's...

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Just wanted to thank you all for the info regarding body kits. As a new owner of a 94 GS 300 I have been trying to find all the different kits that are available for my car. I have now narrowed the search by design to the following,

Junction Produce






I guess my next deciding factor will be cost. Out of the following list I am leaning towards the Inspection or the Wald.

Thanks Again

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Hey, MR Sypher ! when you gonna pay me the money you owe me ?

WHen are you gonna call me?? Your number was in my old phone and it was dropped in water.. I told Brandon to tell you but I guess he didn't.. Call me..

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Mr Sypher

I'm looking for tires/wheels for my 98 GS400 and was wondering if you knew what type/brand wheel is on the car with the orig win kit or the ones on the silver car with each post that's about half cut off. I'm thinking 19x8 or 9 for front and 19x10 rears with michelin ps2 rubber. any good suggestion???


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I have a quick question that I would like to ask anyone about the front grill off the GS that Lex_Chick _GsBGizzle had posted (IMC Kit). I tried to look it up on google but found nothing.

I would like to know where one would find the chrome or polished grill? I thought that is was a clean grill for the GS, and also I have a friend who has one and he also said that he would like to buy one.

So, if anyone has any leads to how I can find one for my friend, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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Most work. Some do not. I hope you enjoy. Also, some do not carry GS's. Some are parts other than body. All are helpful. Please do not disgrace these ORIGINAL manufacturers by buying knock-offs. Even if you can't afford authentic. Save your money. Have not found IMC site, that I know of. And don't buy the same kit I want. More to come. ... If you are good and I'm feeling generous. Good luck, happy hunting, and remember NO KNOCK-OFFs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Gangsta,

This will keep me busy for a little while. I just bought my GS400 this past weekend and now I have a little extra cash to spend on rims when I get back from Las Vegas this weekend. I am looking at a set of either 19" Racing Hart C4's or a set of 20" iForged rims. Now all i need to do is figure out what offset to get for the back, looking for that deep dish look in the rear.

Thanks again, :cheers:


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