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1st Gen Gs300 Exhaust *searched*


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Hey everyone. I just bought my 94 GS300 in late July and have been focused on cleaning it up, doing tune up work, and getting it to the condition Im happy with. I just have a rear bumper reflector to replace and order a wood grain dash kit then I'm moving on to upgrading it.

I've spent all day searching for pictures of exhaust systems on here, clublexus.com, lexusforum.com, lextasy.com, Intensepower.com, MVPmotorsports.com, and D2autosport.com but I haven't had any luck finding anything except for a few post exactly like the one I'm making now but with no replies.

There's a black cherry 2nd gen GS around here with what looks like a Tanabe exhaust and I LOVE the look of the dual oval mufflers with the small/medium sized tips. I was just wondering what other manufacturers make a cat back system for the 1st gen with a stock motor. I do have plans for a 2jz-gte, but that wont be for a while. I still would like Work Euro line Dz wheels, JIC or HKS coilovers, sound system, and move into my own apartment (considering the fact Im only 18 right now) before I carry out a swap, so in the mean time, Im looking for any companys that make a cat-back system for the 2jz-ge.

I'm really hoping I get replies, considering the other exhaust threads I found had no replies, and the 1 or 2 that did only mentioned Borla and none of them had pictures. Any help would be appreciated.


::edit:: I'm sure some of you may know of this site, but I'm gonna go ahead and post it anyways for those who have this same question later, since all the other posts' had no replies or help in them.


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I can post a few links for you, I don't know how much they'll help...I remember asking for advice before, because I wanted an intake and exhaust, obviously one won't do much w/out the other, but I don't want to sacrifice LEXUS comfort for 5 WHP, I don't want NOISE....So, I pretty much gave up on the whole idea....






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