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RX300 Rim Size & Max Tire Size??

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Just bought my 1st Lexus, an RX300 and I love everything about it except the 225/70r16 tires. They just don't fill the wheel well. When the factory tires ware out I would like to put something bigger on, say some 245/75/sr16's. I live on an island in the Conch Republic and the roads are built with crushed coral & shell stone... Not very good for tire ware. The only off road you find around here is at the boat ramp, so I don't need an aggressive tread, but I would like something thick so it will ware longer. We also get a moderate amount of rain and lots of heat. Z speed rated tires are not needed as the 1st 100 miles of road leading back to the mainland US has a max spees of 55 mph. If your interested, we live 150 miles South West of Maimi Florida and 80 miles North of Havana Cuba.

A couple Q's:

1.Any opinions on the Uniroyal Laredo AWP

2.What is the max tire size I can mount, before I start getting wheel well rub?? I am guessing something around 30"-31" height and 9"-10" width??

3.What is the rim size for the default factory aluminum alloy wheels? 16"x6"??



An Old Parrot Head

In the Conch Republic,

Just South of Reality

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if you go to they will show you what rim sizes you can use on the vehicle. its going to be hard to find something with a wider tire unless you move up to a 17 inch or 18 inch rim. the struts in the back are in a place that makes it impossible to go with a bigger tire unless you move up in rim size. just remember if you do move up that your offset is correct because not all 17 and 18 inch rims will fit.

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