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Anyone Did Timing Belt Change In Canada?


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dealer quoted $850 approx. + Tax, including parts and labour.

Canadian Tyre only ask for $550 or something. But Will Canadian Tire people messdup our car is unknown  :whistles:

Stay WAY clear of Crappy Tire.....they are good only for light bulbs & garbage bags!! No way they should be working on a Lexus vehicle. Did you try & get a price at perhaps a Toyota dealer?

Where abouts in Toronto are you deramg? I have 2 auto shops I deal with in the east end of the city. There is also a shop on Woodbine ave, north of steeles ave in Markham that does specializes in Lexus vehicles.....the owner of the shop use to be the service manager of Don Valley North Lexus Toyota.

The place is called T-Lex Auto Service. Address is 7605 Woodbine Ave, in Markham. (905) 415 - 3384. I haven't used them personally, but have heard they are quite good. If that does not work out, send me a PM & I can give you the info for the 2 shops I do business at. You might want to replace the water pump at the same time as it's a preventitive measure. Keep us posted, I hope this helps & good luck! B)


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I'm with Lexusfreak on this one ... I would not take my Lexus to Canadian Tire for service ... EVER!

I had my timing belt replaced by our local Toyota dealer (since there is no Lexus dealer way up here). Sorry I can't give you a price because I had it done when I bought the vehicle used in 2003.

Sounds like there are some good alternatives to a Lexus dealership in the Toronto area for your service needs.

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hehe, thanks lexusfreak and bossman. of course i won't go with the Tyres. heard lots of terrible stories there.

will give T-Lexus a call tomorrow to see. Will keep you guys posted =)


Happy to help. If you find them too expensive.....get a quote from a Toyota dealer. Good Luck! B)


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