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Gps In '98 Es300

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NAVMAN iCN 510. Mounted with a suction cup mount on the winshield. Around $600, and lately, not worth it. If I turn off the system after driving, and want to turn it back on, I need to shut off the main power (battery switch on the back), or else it will say "Go to nearest road". It puts the arrow (my car) in the center of a gray field and does not pick up a GPS signal until I basically have to reset it. Have not found a way to fix it yet...thinking about selling it. Map upgrades don't help either. <_<

Luckily it was a present from my parents.

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I don't WANT a nav system because I have an addicitive personality and I would constantly have to update it, mark my routes, fool with it and on and on.

I don't NEED a nav system because I am old fashioned and still use maps.

Besides, people are always telling me where to go. :whistles:


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Actually most nav systems need to be powered down before shutting down.

It is not something that only you have an isue with mine also is like that,i don't mind as when i use it it works amazing.I also researched it before buying it so i knew what i was getting into before hand.

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