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(es250) Just A Few Questions

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I own a '90 ES250, and its been a mostly maintenence free car until very recently. In the past two years, my a/c has crapped out on me, my power steering moans and it becomes reluctant to turn, there is a hesitation when I step on the gas (and it feels like its not quite opening up under throttle), and now it started to idle very hard. I haven't been able to isolate any of the problems on my own, and the mechanic who I am currently working with doesnt seem to know his !Removed! from his elbow. I'm just hoping that someone out there may have had at least one of the problems that I am experencing so that perhaps you may help to shed some light on one or more of my growing issues. Thanks a lot in advance. - Josh, Phoenix

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In response to my own post, I found some condensation in the distributor cap and dried it out. Thus, I fixed my rough idle problem. Thanks a lot monsoon. I believe the water inside caused an arc (and thus a misfire) which created the lovely chugging effects that have accompanied my commute the past few days.

Other problems still stand, however, and no air conditioning in a dark car with leather seats in 118 degree weather es no bueno. I've had it charged and tested over and over again, with no results. The lines seem to be fine, and the compressor seems to be fine. The compressor seals, however, may be going bad, but according to my genious mechanic, that is not what is causing my problem.

Now before anyone goes saying, "get a different mechanic", I have an extremely tight schedule because I work two jobs, and go to school, and I only have one car, so this guy (who is close to my house and usually opened very late) is the only prcatical option I have.

I would greatly appriciate any help you can offer. Thanks again!

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I know the weather has been 100+ degrees in your area, so I would bring the car to an air conditioning company, NOT your knowledgeable mechanic, to get it repaired right...ASAP. Of course these companies are probably very busy right now. B)

BTW: I was in Scottsdale last December and the weather wasn't as hot. LOL

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Hehe, last year was an unusually cool one, 110 is about as hot as it got. But you're lucky you came in December anyways. Unlike this year, which so far has been around 118 with over 40% humidity. As far as the a/c is concerned, I'd hate to imagine how much it would cost for an air conditioning-specific shop to even diagnose the problem, let alone have the work done. However, I suppose it's the best way to go. :(

I would still like to hear from people about the other problems, of course. Thanks again.

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